Emilia Erfving & Tuuli Rouhiainen

We work as a pair at Uusimaa, currently producing Strangeland Malmi project and Fine Art Portrait events.
In our work, we combine fine art photography with community-, installation- and performance arts.

To us ‘All Walls’ means bringing fine art to all walls - as close to people as possible. In our Fine Art Portrait -events we invite people to interact physically with our art work and in our community arts projects, we try to integrate fine arts with every day life.

Contact us directly if you wish to collaborate with us or buy A Fine Art Portrait -event:
Tuuli Rouhiainen / allwallscollective@gmail.com / +358 503723911
Emilia Erfving / allwallscollective@gmail.com / +35 8415044388


Antti Hintsa

I work currently at Pohjanmaa region, working at Pohjanmaan Valokuvakeskus. My most current project is called Kotini on metsä.

Contact me directly if you wish to collaborate or take part in my project:
kotinionmetsa@gmail.com / +35844 5327584